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Getting a wrist tattoo is a usual and popular way to express yourself, a fit for anyone who likes to keep their personal real estate subtle, but impressive nonetheless. The conspicuousness of this spot is perfect for tattoos meant to serve as a source of inspiration, support, or reminder.

The inner wrist is a top choice for those looking to get something delicate or small, and while the inner area is an excellent spot for a tattoo, the closer you are to the creases of the palm the more likely the ink will fall out over time.

Pain can vary significantly, but in general, the skin on this spot is particularly delicate and soft. For example, it may feel more uncomfortable than an outer arm tattoo, but is bearable overall.

Regardless of size, most wrist tattoos cost upwards of $100 because of artist or studio minimums, meaning you have to pay a flat rate for your tattoo regardless of its size or style. Occasionally you can come across artists who charge as little as $50. When you pay for a tattoo, you鈥檙e not only paying for the design and the artist's time, you are also paying for all the stuff required for the process, such as tubes, inks, and miscellaneous items to prep and clean the skin during the tattoo procedure.

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