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Ruby Rose Langenheim (born 20 March 1986), better known as Ruby Rose, is an Australian model, DJ, actress, television presenter, MTV VJ, and recording artist.

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Born the 20th of March of 1986, Ruby Rose is one of the most attractive celebrities in the world. She is a model, DJ, VJ, TV presenter and an actress. She is famous for her many talents and also her many, many tattoos. There are so many tattoos on her body that many of them blend into a single one. According to reliable sources, she has got a whopping 48 tattoos on her body, all acquired at different times in her life. True, she had a head start since she started at a very early age. Her first tattoo was acquired at the age of 16. It was a rose tattoo in the middle of her lower back.

Speaking of her tattoos, most of her tattoos are illustrative and cartoony style, although she also has a Japanese style tattoo on her right upper arm. There is a tattoo of three cards which is especially prominent since it is placed on the left side of her chest while the other side is bare. Adjacent to this, on the inside of her left arm a picture of a woman has been tattooed, On her right side, a little below the rib cage, lyrics from a song sung by the heavy metal band Metallica are inked. In February of 2011 she also got a line from another song tattooed on her neck. The song is Breathe Me by her close friend, Sia Furler.

Her right arm and right shoulder have had the distinct honor of playing canvas to the legendary Rhys Gordon. He inked Japanese imagery on her arm and boxing gloves on her right shoulder blade. These boxing gloves are symbolic, as her godfather was the famous boxer Lionel Rose. It was as a tribute to him that she got this tattoo on 21st may 2011. On November 2012 she had the words ‘The Thorn’ and two lightning bolts added to the tattoo of the boxing gloves.

On her left shoulder blade there is a tattoo of a heart and a banner, which reads Phoebe + Ruby. This is in reference to her fiancée at that time, Phoebe Dahl who is the granddaughter of the famous children’s author, Roald Dahl. Sadly, the two are no longer together but Ruby has not yet attempted to have the tattoo removed. Speaking of having tattoos removed, she had a unicorn tattoo on her thigh which she got in 2012. She underwent laser treatment to have it removed in 2015.

Below we have compiled an exhaustive timeline of her tattoos.


August 29, 2016 · Ruby revealed a Pantone chart inspired tattoo on her back.


Ruby got the initials of the Music Television, "MTV", inked on her right hand, below the U, S and T of her "Just" knuckle tattoo on her right hand. see


Jean-Michel Basquiat's portrait tattoo across her left arm, by Jessica Mascitti. (June 2014) see


On April 2014 she got inked a heart and banner tattoo saying "Phoebe + Ruby" on the DJ's left shoulder blade. On August that same year she added some sparkles to it. see


Ruby Rose showed her gratitude to Maybelline, one of her sponsors, by getting inked their famous slogan "May shes born with it" on her left collarbone. (March 2014) see


Outline of four stars behind Ruby Rose's right ear. (March 2014) see


Upper arm tattoo saying "Be the person your dog thinks YOU ARE", inked in Ruby's own handwriting, by Louie Perez. (January 2014) see


Ruby has the word "Love" inked behind her left ear. see


Alien face tattoo on her left forearm. (December 2013) see


Illustrative style Archer tattoo on Ruby's right side of the hip. (November 20, 2013) see


Crown tattoo on her sternum as a tribute to controversial street artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, by Doko. (9 July 2013) see


Vintage-style skeleton key tattoo on her left elbow by Zane Stevens at Melbourne's Royal Ink. (May 2013) see


Ruby Rose has a tattoo on her left forearm of Gumby spray-painting the words “Let Go Let God” onto a wall, some bubbles and a dead cat, by Bang Bang. (27 April 2013) see


Ruby Rose has the portrait of her dog tattooed on the back of her left hand, by Isaiah Negrete. (March 2013) see


On November 2012 she added the text "The Thorn" together with two lightning bolts to the tribute tattoo to Lionel, her godfather. see


Matching knuckle tattoo saying "Just" in her right hand and "Love" in the left hand, completing the phrase "Just Love". (24 August 2012) see


On April 2012 Ruby Rose showed a picture of a rat on her right side. (April 2012) see


Next to Leonardo the Ninja Turtle tattoo she has a Pizza Cat tattoo. (13 April 2012) see


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland's White Rabbit tattoo on the right side of Ruby's lower back. see


Unicorn inking located on the outside of her right thigh that she got in 2012. Three years later she started getting laser treatment to get rid of it. see


Astro boy tattoo next to Leonardo. (20 January 2012) see


Right forearm tattoo of Leonardo from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (5 November 2011) see


15 October 2011 · Middle finger tattoo saying "here" followed by a black star, to remind her to “live in the moment, be in the present." see


Just above the right inner forearm tattoo saying "Trust in god", Ruby has a red faceted ruby stone. (15 October 2011) see


Right inner forearm tattoo saying "Trust in god" in coloured capital letters. (15 October 2011) see


Below the right inner forearm tattoo saying "Trust in god", the actress has a simple black cross. (July 2011) see


Boxing gloves on Ruby's right shoulder blade, by Rhys Gordon. The tattoo is a tribute piece to Lionel, Ruby's famous godfather, erstwhile boxing legend Lionel Rose. (21 May 2011) see


Neck tattoo which says "...And breathe me", line from the song titled "Breathe me" by Sia Furler which is a friend of Ruby. (February 2011) see


On her left shoulder blade she has Tank Girl's portrait tattooed by Bang Bang. (February 2011) see


Upper back tattoo saying "Nothing takes away the past like the future". (September 2010) see


Inner forearm tattoo saying"Danke Schön", German for "Thank you very much". (April 2010) see


Ruby has "Meow" written inside her lip, and she told to Ink Magazine that this was the most painful tattoo for her. see


This tattoo on Ruby Rose’s left wrist is a combination of the zodiac symbols for Pisces and Capricorn (♓ and ♑). see


Ruby Rose has “Life” written on her left wrist in red and orange capital letters. Next to it she has a purple smiley face, a green heart, a black star, and a blue peace sign. see


Ruby has a tattoo which says "Run With Wild Horses" on her left forearm. see


Left wrist tattoo saying "Truth". see


Ruby Rose has a half sleeve on her upper right arm with traditional Japanese imagery, done by Rhys Gordon. The tattoo includes ocean waves, cherry blossoms, a red and yellow koi fish tattoo set against a background of grayscale waves and a tiger. see


Number 834 on the inner forearm. see


Ruby has a back of the neck tattoo of a swallow. see


The actress has a rosary on the pelvis. see


Ruby Rose has a portrait of a woman tattooed on the inside of her upper left arm. see


Ruby Rose's right ribcage tattoo says "So close no matter how far, couldn't be much more from the heart, forever trusting who we are and nothing else matters", which is a line from the song "Nothing else matters" by Metallica. see


Heart and banner tattoo saying "Dita Parlow" together with a blue rose and a purple rose, located on her left forearm. see


RR has "Mum" written on her right wrist in purple, red and blue inks. see


The DJ has "D.I.Y" (abbreviation for Do It Yourself) written on the inner side of her left wrist in black ink. see


On the inner side of her left wrist Ruby has an unalome. see


Ruby Rose has a tattoo of three number 3 playing cards on the left side of her chest. see


The model and actress has a Christian cross on her right shoulder. see


Ruby Rose's first tattoo is a Tramp Stamp tattoo, with a rose and an architectural design around it. She got it when she was 16. see

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