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room Seiyu Complex, 2nd floor, Near Gurudwara, Nikku Park Rd, Model Town, Jalandhar, Punjab 🇮🇳


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I was in 10th standard a friend of mine drew a tattoo design on his wrist with a pen. I was amused with the creativity behind this form of ART. I was instantly inspired and decided to learn tattooing for the rest of my life. Tattooing in India is still struggling to find a spot in list of a great profession.

In the beginning, my parents like most INDIAN parents did not agree with my decision to become TATTOO ARTIST. My obsession with tattoos kept me up till late night, searching of works by famous artists. The desire to purse my interests and the disapproval from my parents to let me do so drown me out of home and trust me it was not cheesecake.

Finally my parents consumed and send me to NICK TATTOO STUDIO in LUDHIANA. Where I learnt the art from the well known artist of INDIA NICK SHARMA. And after 1 year, I visited MUMBAI, GOA, DELHI, TATTOOS CONVENSION later I visited Nepal international tattoo convention and lifestyle where I got an opportunity to sharpen my skills with the guide’s of TATTOO MASTERS Jhondai Mohandai Jhon helped me in hence portrait and shading n more skills.

It was my friend Upkar an MBBS student who had introduced me to the name of tattoos. He has been a purist’s spotter of my decision and has always motivated me to achieve my goals. My parents had hopes that 1 day I would become a Doctor, Engineer, Police, Navy, but instead I choose a unvisule profession (tattoo art) now they have accepted my choice with then OPEN heart .....KamzInkZone

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