date_range FEB 23 - 25, 2018

1st Winnipeg Tattoo Show

room RBC Convention Centre

directions 375 York Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba



The Winnipeg Tattoo Show will be home to the most centrally located Canadian Venue that will spend a weekend in Feburary, paying homage to the art, the artists, the vendors, and suppliers, that support, promote, and supply the tattoo industry that has caught the attention of the mainstream media and reality TV.

We want to make this convention of the arts different from many in North America; a separation from the image of this industry as an over dramatized T.V. show and a full focus on the grass roots of the north American and global tattoo tradition. What makes Winnipeg ideal is it is the most centrally located major city in Canada, it is rich with artists of all walks of life. A scenic city with a small town feel that carries a deep and interesting history. In addition, like so many other cities in North America, it was at one time illegal to do a tattoo in.

The weekend hopes to educate and inspire artists and the public. It will take place in the spacious RBC Convention Center. A venue that will highlight the wide variety of art and talent in the tattoo industry. From international industry icons that helped bring the art form to where it is today, to the new up and coming artists in the scene that have used their creativity to take a traditional process and continually push its ability to new levels.

It will host live tattooing by local, Canadian, and international tattoo artists, suppliers to the industry and a wide variety of local vendors. Vendors include jewellery, apparel, artwork, piercing, airbrushing, custom painters, and more. The course of the weekend will see a VIP only art show, a classic Manitoba charity social with live bands, public art show and auction, tattoo competitions for collectors and artists, live entertainment, collaborative art creations, and so much more.

It will be a great place for the curious and the already interested to spend the weekend or just a day learning about the industry. Those of all ages and lifestyles will be entertained while checking out all the talent it has to offer, shopping for the unique off the mainstream item, or maybe even getting a tattoo from an artist from another city without having to leave the province.

J&A INKED ENTERPRISES in association with Living Canvas Tattoo, Tattoos for the Individual, and the Winnipeg tattoo community bring you the Winnipeg Tattoo Show. Lets make it the convention to get this city on the map in the tattoo industry!


Friday: 13.00 – 22.00

Saturday: 12.00 – 22.00

Sunday: 12.00 – 18.00


Day Pass – $15

Weekend Pass – $40

*Free admission for kids 14 and under.


Candace Reid – Living Canvas Tattoo, Winnipeg MB

Kurt Wiscombe – Tattoos for the Individual, Winnipeg MB

Fernando Zepeda – 13th Hour Tattoo, Winnipeg MB

Meaghan Allen – Living Canvas Tattoo, Winnipeg MB

Ryan Fermo – Living Canvas Tattoo, Winnipeg MB

Kay Stewart – Living Canvas Tattoo, Winnipeg MB

Chris Stans – Tattoos for the Individual, Winnipeg MB

Adrienne Traviss – Tattoos for the Individual, Winnipeg MB

Cory Ferguson – Good Point Tattoos, Oakville ON

Jodie Wentz – Rock Road Tattoo, Lac du Bonnet MB

Jenn Willits – 13th Hour Tattoo, Winnipeg MB

Chad Fabian – 13th Hour Tattoo, Winnipeg MB

Chris Jeffrey – Soul Survivors Body Art, Winnipeg MB

Shawn Beatty – Soul Survivors Body Art, Winnipeg MB

John – Soul Survivors Body Art, Winnipeg MB

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