date_range JAN 18 - 21

Kula Tattoo Arts Gathering 2024

room NESCO Center

directions Western Express Highway Goregaon (East Pin Code 400063), Mumbai, Maharashtra



Kula Tattoo Arts Gathering 2024

Kula – A Global Gathering 2024 brings to you a very special message of co-existing for building a shared future. Placing this theme at the centre of our work, we are delighted to present the design identity for Kula 2024 which reflects the collaborative efforts of diverse artists. The visual identity has been developed based on the traditional practice of ‘tarpa’ dance of the ‘warli’ community where rhythm and movement create circles of strength, support, liveliness and positive energy.

Keeping up our practice of collaborative creation of the visual identity, for 2024, we are grateful to the team which includes Mr Rajendra S Chaudhari, researcher and artist who has been studying researching warli art for over 40 years,@chaudharinvnath a practising warli artist and art teacher, along with contemporary graphic designers @dineshtambe929 @soham.devasar, and visual artist, @sameerkureshi1396 Qureshi from @alienstattooindia mentored by @sunnybhanushali.

Their collective work illustrates the dynamism and verve when diverse creative minds come together, accepting their diversity and looking for commonalities. Shout out to @ericjasondsouza (Iron Buzz Tattoo) for creating the Kula logo identity in 2023. With Kula 2024, we hope that the circles of energy and positive vibes that emerge through our gathering of tribes will impart much vitality to the future sustainability and success of all our communities.

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