date_range NOV 03 - 05, 2017

3er Viva La Tinta Tattoo Festival

room Salón Fiesta Guadalajara

directions Av. López Mateos 610, Guadalajara, Jalisco



VIVA LA TINTA is an international tattoo festival presented by Indio Reyes and Alan Padilla, tattooists worldwide recognized for their career and work in the tattoo industry. The purpose of our festival is to make known in Mexico the tattoos as an art, so that the public can experience a professional level of this office thanks to the presence and work of great national and international artists of the environment with whom they can obtain tattoos of the most High quality and diverse styles in one place without having to leave outside the country, by appointment or without appointment.

VIVA LA TINTA is a unique experience, where we also have workshops, live music, sale of professional equipment for tattooing, sale of clothes and art, food area, all this and more in a family environment for all ages.

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