date_range SEP 23 - 24

Almaty Tattoo United 2023

room Forum Almaty

directions Seyfullin Avenue 617, Almaty 050013,, Almaty



Almaty Tattoo United 2023

We hasten to please you! The next tattoo festival Almaty Tattoo United will be held on September 23 and 24, 2023 at the Forum shopping center.

Registration of participants is already open, please submit your application on time!

Festival partners this year:



Cartridges CARTEL

Tattoo pigments XTREME

Tattoo cosmetics REVIVE

Drinks McLain, GORILLA, Wesley’s BASE, PAULANER

In September 2019, the first big tattoo festival “Almaty Tattoo United” was held in Almaty, which brought together more than 100 of the best artists from Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. Both professional and novice tattoo artists took part in the “bloody” battle for first places in their categories.

Masters presented their works in 18 categories: “Black and white tattoo”, “Miniature tattoo”, “Cover”, “Dotwork / linework / VIP”, “Ornamental tattoo”, “Lettering”, “Traditional/old school tattoo”, “Tattoo First Day”, “Neo Traditional Tattoo”, “Big Tattoo”, “Sketch”, “Oriental Tattoo (Japan)”, “Realism”, “Color Tattoo”, “Portrait”, “Second Day Tattoo”, “Festival Tattoo” and “Grand Prix Almaty Tattoo United”. Inspired guests of the event boldly put different parts of their bodies under the sharp needles of the masters. And those who did not dare to take such a desperate step observed the tattooing process from the outside.

The Grand Prix of the festival was awarded to the Moscow master Sarvat Karimov. The best tattoo made at the festival was the work of Ruslan Muzaparov from Almaty. The jury team that evaluated the works of the contestants was represented by eminent masters, participants, and winners of international competitions: Davi (Russia, Krasnodar), Dima Gorbunov (Russia, Yekaterinburg), Tahir Kamashev (Russia, Moscow) and Maxim “Morbid” Popov (India, Goa).

Over two days, the festival was visited by more than 2,000 people, not counting the participants and partners of the festival, of whom there were also quite a few: The convention was supported by famous world tattoo brands and suppliers: World Famous Tattoo Ink, Permablend, Kwadron, Tattoo Revive. As well as drinks such as Jagermeister, Jaguar, Laimon Fresh, and Amsterdam Navigator.

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