Tiny Micro Tattoos You Can Get Inked in 1 Minute

When done by talented artists, mini tattoos can be delicate and stylish without losing its meaning, and they are so fast to execute that you'll barely feel the needle

Little Tattoos in Ideas

Small body art has become so in demand that they are almost as common as wearing jewellery or make up. Many tattooers have found the little minimalist designs so popular that they make their living solely by adorning people with these cool and tiny wonders.

Getting a mini tat won't make you an expert on the topic of body art, but you will probably discover that getting tattooed was a lot different than you thought it would be. You will be pleasantly surprised by how quick it will be over and by how manageable your pain is.

This said, you need to discern between feeling you have to get one to fit in because everyone else is getting one, and wanting a tattoo because you actually have your own internal drive to get one. Don't get a tattoo if you haven't been craving one, even if it's a micro tattoo!

But if you are really considering a tat, fair warning, it can get addictive fast! 1 minute tattoos can be chic and creative, especially with a fun or unusual placement. And just because they're small doesn't mean we can't get one that is just as important or meaningful as a larger one.

We have rounded up some of the latest and most lovely micro tattoos. They only take 1 minute to make!

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