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Side-Boob Tattoos: Placement, Visibility, Prices, and Much More

Interested in a side-boob tattoo? Learn everything you need to know about side-boob ink, including how visible it is, pricing, and other useful information.

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The process of getting a new tattoo is an exciting and unique experience for each person. Even if you already have a solid collection of ink on your human canvas, the prospect of adding a new piece generates a thrill like no other. Especially if you’re considering a relatively new style, like a side-boob tattoo.

Choosing the right placement for your tattoo can sometimes be challenging. But, when it comes to the sides of the breasts, it’s actually hard to think of a tattoo design that doesn’t work well. Whether you want to showcase your fun side, give off an erotic vibe, or simply decorate this part of your body, getting inked on the side-boob will likely be a great choice.

Why Are Side-Boob Tattoos Alluring?

Different fashion and entertainment trends have put a lot of attention on the side-boobs over the last few decades. Thanks to this movement, it’s now normal to show this part of the body, making it a great place for some new ink. That said, it’s important to understand where this area starts and ends, especially if you want to maximize the space you have available.

Unlike under-boob and rib ink, side-boob tats are located directly next to the breasts, away from the chest and right above the ribs. While these numbers vary, this area can measure 6.5 to 10 centimeters (about 2.5 inches to almost 4 inches) horizontally and anywhere between 8 and 14 centimeters (approximately 3 to 5.5 inches) vertically.

That said, you can also choose a design that extends further and incorporates the ribs, under-boobs, back, and even the whole side of your body. And, this area is also suitable for a huge variety of designs, color combinations, and sizes, making it ideal for anyone looking for something special.

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How Visible is a Side-Boob Tattoo?

The beauty of the side-boob tattoo is that you get to decide how visible it is. We believe that everyone should show their ink with pride and joy, but we also understand that some people like to conceal their body art and cultivate mystique by unveiling it to a chosen few.

Side-boob tattoos are not usually exposed because the area is covered by clothing. But, all you have to do is wear a top with low hanging sides, pass up any under-layers, and let your tats dazzle the world.

Aging of Side-Boob Tattoos

The notion that visible tattoos age faster is accurate, for the most part. Although they are not always in plain sight, it’s important to take care of your side-boob ink in order to extend its longevity.

If you follow a meticulous aftercare plan, these tattoos heal like a gem and age better than many other parts of your body. You can make it so that this area doesn’t get much sunlight or exposure to other harsh elements, which will keep your tattoo looking fresh and pristine for a long time.

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Pain Expectations

Just like with the touch of another human being, this part of the body is quite sensitive to a tattoo needle. Everyone handles pain differently and you may have your own pre-session ritual to make it easier, but it’s safe to assume that getting inked on the side-boobs will at least produce moderate discomfort.

Side-boob pieces are technically tattooed on your upper-ribs and they maybe extend to the under-boob, sternum, and back, all of which are regarded as sensitive areas. If you want to get a piece on the side of the breast, but you’re worried about the pain, getting a simple tattoo that consists of dots or a few lines may be a good compromise.

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Are Side-Boob Tattoos Popular?

In case you haven’t seen that Vanessa Hudgens side-boob pic, we’ll summarize it like this: hell yes, side-boob tats are very popular right now.

It could be the sensual nature of this part of the body. Or, the fact that it allows you to hide or show tattoos very easily. Or, maybe we didn’t think about this area as tattoo-friendly before now.

Whatever the reason may be, your tattoo artists will likely have a myriad of stunning ideas for your next side-boob piece.

How to Care for Your Side-Boob Ink

Like every other tattoo you will ever get, you have to take care of your side-boob ink from the moment you step out of the artist’s shop. While hidden, this part of your body rubs against clothes and your arms, so keeping it moisturized and clean is crucial for a good recovery.

It’s always good to talk to your artist of choice about how to care for your new tattoos. Tattooers usually offer good advice, and you may even get a piece of clear, protective film to safe-keep your ink for the first few days.

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Price Point

The price of your side-boob ink will depend on the size, whether it extends beyond this area, and your artists’ expertise. It’s safe to assume that more complex tattoos usually cost more money, but your best alternative is to talk to trustworthy local artists and get a few quotes from different shops.

Are Side-Boob Tattoos Expensive to Remove?

Similarly to getting a tattoo, the price of body ink removal varies drastically. The placement, depth, size, and other factors will all affect the price of your tattoo removal, and the side-boob pieces are no exception. If you want an accurate estimate, research shops in your area that offer removals and ask for a quote.

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