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Killer Neotraditional Pieces by Shio

Shio's use of varying line widths and distinctive color palette pairs perfectly with his smart use of animals, portraits, and a variety of different objects

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Due to the overlap that new school tattoos share with modern grafiti, the tattoo artists with a street art background tend to favor this style, but this ain't the case of Shio Zaragoza, who has turned to neotraditional.

Tattooing since 2010, Shio's work is largely defined by vivid colors matched up alongside sepia tones and browns and clean, well polished lines. Check out this sample of his exquisite and wonderful work.

Mountain View
Mountain View
Mountain View

If you desire some of Shio's wonderful neotraditional work for your very own, he tattoos at Blessed Tattoo, Zaragoza. Should you want to just peruse some of his superb portfolio, pay a visit to his profile.

Mountain View
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