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Memorial Tattoos to Keep Your Loved Ones Forever With You

Memorial tattoos are the ones we carve on our body in memory of a person or a pet who we have loved and with whom we have shared important times of our lives

Small Tattoos in Ideas

When you end up losing someone special to you, whether is the love of your life, that family member that keeps you down in life or a dear close friend, you wish life could go backwards. The loss of a loved one is hard and sometimes unexpected and it brings you down mentally, even years later.

If you experienced it, you know that depression and art goes hand in hand, and sometimes that's what saves you. Tattoos can be like a turning point. Helping to move on. For some people tattoos are magical.

Memorial tattoos are very meaningful and they have lots of personal value for the holder. These tattoos need to be designed with care and they need to be full of impact, full of care.

A letter from mom

“Dear Patrick, I wish you a wonderful life -- one filled with deep, caring relationships, a love of learning, and a sense of adventure. I love you Mummy”


“This is a sound wave of my best friend’s laugh. I got it done on my rib cage a few months after he committed suicide because I want to keep his laugh right next to my heart forever.”

Mom's signature

Amen's moms signature from her birth certificate as she passed away two years ago.

Pet portrait

Single needle tattoo of a king Charles spaniel who passed away.


In honor of his cousin, who used to play with his grandmother under the ginkgo in his backyard. He is now a star in the sky.

Dad's handwriting

Shoulder blade saying “I love you pumpkin. -Dad” on Steffi.

Grandparents' passport signatures

Kelly's grandparents' signatures in their own handwriting.

His grandfather's hat.


Hummingbird tattoo on Zelda Williams' hand to honor her 'Poppo', Robin Williams.

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Abstract tattoos

Abstract tattoos a great option to express emotions: “With my tattoo, I want to remember my mother, father and brother that passed away in the last three years. The infinity symbolizes that even if we're not physically together anymore, our connection is infinite. Every color in it represents one family member. Even though they were rough years for me, I am looking forward to what comes in the future and that's what the tattoo also shows. Positive feelings.”

Memorial matching tattoos

“I tattooed three of these little guys today on three cousins in honor of their grandmother "Bee". Thank you Andrea, Sam and John for making the drive from Maryland!”

Matching date tattoos

Alexis Ren has two dates on both of her arms honoring her mom: “The day she came, the day she left.”

“With all my love”

“My grandmother wrote this on a birthday card to me on my 5th birthday. So glad I now have this little daily reminder of how much she loved me.”

Mom's soundwave

“It’s a sound wave of my mom’s calling me her little nickname she’s had for me since I was little. She passed away a few months ago and this was my tribute for her.”

Date in Roman numerals

“My great grandmothers birthday, who passed away when I was 11. She was my best friend and this way I can keep her with me forever, no matter where I go,” on K's shoulder blade.


“Yesterday I got a new tattoo of coordinates which are where my Dad’s ashes are in South Africa. I haven’t been able to visit much and I wanted a tribute to where he is resting” on Bronwyn.

Date and handwriting

In memory of her grandma, she got her birthday in roman numerals 5/15/27. Under it, she got, in her grandma's handwriting, “Love you” from a card she wrote her, knowing even from heaven she loves her and is with her always.

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This represents the journey and story of her father fleeing Vietnam after the war.

In honor of friend

“Sometimes life challenges you with the loss of someone so you can learn and keep loving them with all your heart by hiding them inside your heart and all you could do is to keep the loved one inside your heart. This one is dedicated to remembering and keeping the love for the best friend's memory.”

Band member

“An empty space. In memory of Pedro who is no longer with us.”

Honoring her best friend

Finger tattoo of a heart followed by the letter ‘N’, initial of her best friend Natalka who passed away.

“Wish you were here”

Mama's signature

On Alexis Ren.

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