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Jay Alvarrez Tattoos: Exploring the Hawaiian’s Body Ink

Jay Alvarrez has become a social media icon and world-renown model who’s hooked to body ink. Check out the most interesting Jay Alvarrez tattoo designs here!

Although celebrities still have their spot, social media has given birth to a new type of trend-setters commonly referred to as influencers. Jay Alvarrez is the prime example -- a self-made, extreme sports-loving social media icon that has been endorsed by a variety of companies and organizations.

With the above in mind, it’s no wonder that Jay Alvarrez tattoos have become a talking point in the world of body ink. Better yet, since he became a social media celebrity with barely any ink on his body, we’ve witnessed the onset of his addiction to the needle and expansion of his tattoo collection.

Let’s take a look at some of the most notable Jay Alvarrez tattoos, almost all of them done by Konstantin Noskos.

1. “Let's Live”

Jay's first tattoo includes one of his mantras: “Let's live”. It is located inside the lower lip, a very painful area, and it was done in 2003, when he was only 14 years old.

Jay Alvarrez at a Glance

In case you don’t already know who he is, Jay Alvarrez is a content creator, social media celebrity, and a professional model that has been featured in ads for Hyundai, Armani, and other big companies.

Born in Oahu, Hawaii, Alvarrez shot to stardom by sharing breathtaking images on social media of him and his now ex-girlfriend Alexis Ren while traveling through tropical paradises around the world. Today, he’s a model by trade and practices extreme sports which he documents and makes available on YouTube and other social channels.

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2. Right inner forearm tattoos

From here, most of Jay's tattoos are the work of a Russian tattoo artist named Konstantin Nossachev (he appears in the cover image tattooing Jay), and who works in his private studio in Los Angeles.

The first tattoo made by this tattoo artist was a composition that includes the phrase "dream world", a palm tree, a minimalist bracelet, and the word "Isle". It was done in May 2016.

Exploring All of Jay Alvarrez’s Tattoos

The Hawaiian model has racked up an impressive ink collection over the last years, so we thought it was time to cover Jay Alvarrez tattoos in our blog. Before starting, it’s worth noting that most of Jay’s tattoos are the work of Konstantin Nossachev, who is also a good friend of Alvarrez.

Below, we’ll categorize and go over some of the most interesting Jay Alvarrez tattoo designs.

Minimalist, Lines, and Blackwork Designs

As with many other millennials, Alvarrez is attracted to minimalist designs, lines, and blackwork. His collection includes a bracelet close to his left wrist that consists of three simple lines, an ankle bracelet made of black stripes on the right, and another bracelet made up of one thin line and a thicker stripe on the right forearm.

To our knowledge, all of these Jay Alvarrez tattoos are the work of Nossachev and they’ve been inked in multiple sessions throughout the years. The lines are clear and the work is remarkable, which is the most essential element in this type of body ink.

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3. Fantasy > Reality

In July 2016, two months after his second tattoo, the young man from Oahu had “Fantasy> Reality” tattooed on the inside of his right forearm.

Phrases and Small Text

Alvarrez has a massive count of phrases and small text tattoos. From the phrase “Let’s Live” tattooed in his bottom inner lip to the “Dream World” that sits on top of the palm tree on his inner right forearm, they all help him remember to stay true to himself.

Some of his most notable phrases and small text tattoos include “Fantasy > Reality” on his right forearm, “Never Be Insecure of Your Own Creativity” on the outer left ankle, the words “They Say I’m Crazy But It Keeps Me From Going Insane” on the right inner forearm, and an Arabic phrase that translates roughly to “There Is No Race, We Are All Humans”.

Faces and Nature

While the Jay Alvarrez tattoo designs we’ve examined don’t include traditional portraits, the Hawaiian model does have four different faces inked on his body. These include a portrait of a woman with the words “I’m Dreaming of You in Colors That Don’t Exist,” the silhouette of a woman on the left calf, and a female covering her face with her hands on the opposite calf.

As for nature tattoos, Jay’s ink collection includes a butterfly on the right shin, a palm tree on the left inner forearm, and flowers in different parts of his body including the right arm, just above his “Angel Boy” tattoo.

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4. Armband

The fourth tattoo of the model is a minimalist bracelet, which is made up of two lines of different thickness, located on the forearm, tattooed by Konstantin in September 2016. The following image shows that the forearm is shaved, an unmistakable sign of recent tattoo .

Sacred Symbols

Jay Alvarez’s tattoo collection includes many different sacred symbols, a lot of them from Egyptian mythology. He has an ouroboros on the right elbow, the Egyptian goddess Isis under his left knee, an eye tattooed below the right knee, and the Eye of Horus on the back of the left arm.

Fiction and Famous Artwork

We are all products of our upbringing and Alvarrez paid tribute to his childhood by getting Alice (from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland) inked on his right forearm. He also got a simple design of Peter Pan tattooed on his left forearm, creating a symmetric effect with his Alice piece.

Alvarrez’s tattoo collection also includes famous artwork and notable images, like Dali’s In Voluptas Mors design on his right thigh, Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man on the back of his right arm, and a Quibe design on his right forearm.

And the List is Getting Bigger!

The pieces above are just some of the most interesting Jay Alvarrez tattoos so far, but this list is by no means complete. And, his collection of tattoos is getting bigger every year. Like each and every one of us who’s addicted to the needle, Jay is always looking for new designs and working with his buddy Nossachev to bring his amazing visions to life.

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5. Addition to his left wrist

It is likely that taking advantage of his new forearm tattoo, he took the opportunity to add 2 more lines to his wristband tattoo on his left wrist which only had a single line.

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6. 'In Voluptas Mors'

Una de las fotos más icónicas de Salvador Dalí es la de una calavera humana compuestas por mujeres desnudas titulada 'In Voluptas Mors', fruto de una colaboración con el famoso fotógrafo Philippe Halsman. La estrella de Instagram rinde homenaje a esta obra con un tatuaje situado en el muslo derecho inspirada en esta fotografía. Se lo tatuó en diciembre de 2016.

One of the most famous photos of Salvador Dalí is the human skull composed by naked women titled 'En Voluptas Mors', the result of a collaboration with the famous photographer Philippe Halsman. The Instagram star pays tribute to this work with a tattoo located on the right thigh inspired by this iconic photograph. He had it tattooed in December 2016.

7. “Never be insecure of your creativity”

In May 2017, and after having broken up with Alexis, the phrase “Never be insecure of your creativity” was tattooed on his left ankle.

8. “They say I'm crazy but it keeps me from going insane”

Tattoo that says "They say I'm crazy but it keeps me from going insane" on the inside of the right forearm, just above the bracelet, in January 2017.

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9. “Made by heaven”

In June 2017, he got the phrase "Made by Heaven" tattooed on the outside of his left forearm.

10. Arabic phrase on the forearm

In October 2017, Jay posed with a tattoo of an Arabic phrase located on the outside of his right forearm. The photo below shows that the area is shaved, a sign of a recent tattoo. "There are no races, only the human race" is the meaning of it.

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11. You + Me = We

In November 2017, Jay got inked a design consisting of two faces, and the words "you", "me" and "we", its meaning revolves around empathy.

12. Anklet and phrases

Probably in the same tattoo session in which he got the "You + Me = We" tattoo, Jay had an anklet tattooed on his right ankle along with a set of vertical lines going up the Achilles heel, and the phrases “Born too late to explore the earth” and "Born too early to explore the galaxy" on either side of this vertical line. The phrase “Lost in the simulation” was also tattooed on the right calf, a tattoo that can be seen in some images later.

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13. Russian text and woman's face

Russian text and the face of a woman located in the left calf, made in February 2018.

14. "Attached to nothing connected to everything"

Tattoo located on the back of the right arm, made on March 13, 2018.

15. Addition to the right calf

Capitalizing a visit by his friend and tattoo artist to his native Oahu in March 2018, the model took the opportunity to get a tattoo of a woman's face right above the tattoo that says "lost in the simulation".

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16. The Creation of Adam

The extreme sport lover also capitalized the visit of his friend to tattoo the hands that appear in Michelangelo's work on his left thigh.

17. Eye of Horus

In May 2018, he got the right eye of Horus tattooed alongside the phrase “everything you'll ever need is already inside you” underneath it, on the back of his left arm.

18. “So rich, so pretty”

A tattoo on the upper left arm that he later got partially covered.

19. Woman's face with a rose and phrase

On the left forearm he has a minimalist tattoo of the face of a woman holding a rose, and the phrase "don't stop breathing, fight your demons".

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20. Father and son

The model has a tattoo dedicated to his father on the inside of his left ankle.

21. Angel boy

Tattoo of three daisies above the phrase "angel boy" located on the upper right arm.

22. “I'm dreaming of you in colors that don't exist”

This phrase is tattooed under the face of a woman who is possibly her mother. Jay lost his mum in his teens, and this could be a tattoo dedicated to her.

23. 'Close' by Quibe

On the inside of his right forearm, under the bracelet, he got tattooed a design called 'Close' by artist Quibe, a very popular design among lovers of body art and minimalism.

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24. Isis

The Egyptian goddess Isis is tattooed on her left shin, a design similar to the one Rihanna has tattooed on her sternum.

25. “You are the universe experiencing itself”

Under Quibe's design on the inside of his right forearm, he has this phrase tattooed.

26. Eye

On the right shin, just below the knee, he has a tattooed eye.

27. Butterfly

Beneath the eye tattoo, Alvarrez has a butterfly tattooed, right in the center of the right shin.

28. Mask

Jay has a design of a mask is tattooed on his left shin, below the Isis goddess.

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29. Ouroboros

He has an Ouroboros tattooed on his right elbow.

30. Sun

On the left elbow he has a sun tattooed. As he told on his social media, he got both of his elbows tattooed on two days in a row.

31. Alice

A tattoo of Alice on her right forearm, inspired by a design by illustrator John Tenniel from the 1865 book 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'.

32. Peter Pan

Just on the opposite side of Alicia's tattoo, Jay has a small Peter Pan tattooed on him.

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33. Self Love Woman

On top of the tattoo that says "So rich, so pretty" he has a tattoo designed by Frédéric Forest titled 'Self Love Woman'.

34. “All we need is today”

The phrase is tattooed on the outside of the right forearm.


Also on the outside of his right forearm, just below the bracelet, he has a Russian word tattooed on a heart. The word means something like 'cuddles', 'close' or 'body to body'.

36. “Ambience”

On the right forearm, next to the tattoo of the face of the woman who is possibly her mother, the word 'ambience' is tattooed on a fine-line sun.

37. Small flowers

Under the phrase "I dream of you in colors that do not exist", the digital artist has three small flowers tattooed.

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38. The Vitruvian Man

The world famous Leonardo da Vinci drawing is tattooed on the back of his right arm.

39. Word in Russian

On the opposite side to the tattoo that says 'ambience', it has also tattooed on a sun another word in Russian.

40. Bracelet

In April 2013, the young American had a black armband tattooed on his left upper arm, covering the “so pretty” tattoo.

41. Wing

Jay has a wing tattoo below the Vitruvian Man tattoo.

42. Boy walking next to the sun

If you want to keep up to date with the tattoos of the young adventurer, you can follow Jay Alvarrez's tattoos page here.

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