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Charlotte Drury: Something Broken, Something Beautiful

Sometimes, life is tremendously cruel and confronts us with difficult situations, and there is nothing we can do other than accept the situation and keep going

Charlotte Drury, an American trampoline gymnast, had dreamed of the Olympics for as long as she could remember. After spending 10 years training as an artistic gymnast, alongside childhood best friends and future Olympic gold medalists Kyla Ross and McKayla Maroney, Drury strayed from the conventional path and started paving one of her own. After discovering trampoline gymnastics at the age of 13, Drury made the US National Team within two years and was in June 2016 in position to take her own shot at Olympic glory.

Just a few days after turning 20 and before the U.S. Olympic team for trampoline was determined, Drury broke her foot during training. A devastating injury at the worst possible moment. It’s been a tough road to recovery for the former trampoline gymnast, but this tattoo captures the start of a new chapter in Charlotte's life. Something Broken, Something Beautiful.

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