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My name is Alex “Sigal” Romashev. I make tattoos since 2009. Present workplace is Perm, Russia. Usually I work in realism, portrait, black&grey styles. At the start of my career I used almost all tattoo styles. My experience helped me realize that bursting to many styles won’t master your skills. I realized that I should focus in one style to improve my skill in the best way. I faced the realism style, when I had bought first tattoo magazine and I was really impressed by this style. I’ve chosen this style because its design admires and has unlimited pictures choice. In my opinion realism is the most difficult style and makes me to improve my skills every day. I’m inspired by tattoos of several masters, there are Dan Yakovlev, Dmitry Samokhin, Nikko Hurtado, Paul Acker, Denis Tidan, Evgenniy Knysh. I use only professional equipment and consumables: tattoo machines Spektra Halo2 and Spektra EdgeX, Inks World Famous Tattoo and needles Revolution. I obey requirements in safety, which are common for all tattoo masters around the world. For development I attend different tattoo convention, speak with skillful tattoo masters. I have 2 awards from Russian tattoo conventions. Usually I make personal design, composing it from photos and artstyles. I try to work as guest master. I’ve visited Europe, but I have huge desire to visit the USA as tattoo convention attendant and meet my idols. For me tattoo art is not only the way to earn money, but possibility to unlock my art potential and meet new people. Tattoo art provides me new possibilities such as travelling and become acquainted with a lot of interesting people. Tattoo is live process, so I should be always up-to-date-master to be in-demand for my clients. That is why I always learning, mastering and improving my skills! And I really enjoy it!

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